Investing in Limassol

At first glance, the three most significant advantages in terms of investing in Cyprus are its


strategic location, legal system that complies with EU legislation, and the attractive tax system.


Foreign investors who choose to open companies here often decide to live in Limassol because it offers much more than investment opportunities… it also offers an enviable lifestyle.

Limassol offers many attractive investment industries, but there are certain key industries that stand out as more profitable for investors. If you want to invest in Limassol or Cyprus, at Live In properties we’re here with you every step of the way, complete with advise and consultation, from a company with boots on the ground information. Our local property and information experts can give you all the necessary details. Among the companies that we help, we also offer this to private individuals on a one-on-one basis


The Limassol banking and financial services sectors

Numerous new SME and global companies, as well as larger private/public international corporations, have opened units offering financial and banking services. The financial sector includes national banks, international branches, insurance companies, and many others that offer financial intermediation services. Due to its friendly tax system, Limassol is a competitive financial center.


The shipping sector in Limassol

With a major port on the shores, and a highly developer Marina complex, the Limassol import and export activities are an important part of the city and country’s economy. Cyprus enjoys a great geographical position in Europe and is a good location for services related to maritime transport. Furthermore, the registration fees for ships are competitive and the country has signed bilateral cooperation agreements for merchant shipping with numerous countries.


The tourism sector in Cyprus and Limassol

Cyprus is a beautiful country and many tourists choose it as their summer vacation destination, Cyprus is also a destination for with easy access to hot spots such as Paphos or Larnaca and Ayia Napa, the tourism and this specific holiday makers branch of tourism is developing rapidly. Foreign investments are numerous in this flourishing sector, as they are in the entire hotel industry in Limassol and across Cyprus.

Other attractive investment sectors in Cyprus are the information and communication technology sectors… as well as the research and development sectors, which enjoys the support of the Cypriot government. Also including the education sectors or the professional services sectors but not limited to, accounting services or legal services.

With property on the rise along the coast of Limassol, investors looking to live by the sea in a tax heaven can also enjoy the option of purchasing a private villa along the outskirts of the city living in complete and total privacy.

If you are interested in property within Limassol, or looking to open a company in Cyprus – or simply in need of assistance and advice to do business in Limassol, our locally based specialists can help you with the necessary information, so don’t hesitate to contact us, Limassol is on the up at a rapid pace; be part of it, earlier than the competition – get there first by contacting