We build quality buildings with the best architects of the island

Our Approach

Livein Properties offer a range of real estate related activities, each of which is carefully put together to ensure that clients get the best service. Our approach is quite simple – we set out to find the best location, design the best and most appropriate property, build with great care and respect for the environment, and provide a range of client services that really do meet their needs.

Property Development

We know that the success of any property development begins early in a project’s timeline. Before the architect’s vision, before the engineer’s solutions, before a client gets to see the outline, we must be certain that what we envisage is what will delight the client.

The transition from our imagination to a completed project can be complex, but we have the experience and knowledge to know that once we have given the go-ahead, the project will be a success and people will want to live in our creations.

Construction Services

Our in-company construction division undertakes all building activities related to our development properties. In addition, they undertake third-party contracts for construction, renovations, infrastructure and civil engineering works on behalf of land owners, property agents, architects, engineers, municipalities and government departments.

Livein construction specialists utilize their experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth, logical and clearly defined experience for clients. Through close communication and collaboration, clients will have confidence in the entire construction process, and trust that their specifications and expectations become a reality. For us, the relationship with our clients is what matters most.

Each new property is sold with a comprehensive 2-year defect guarantee, because we want clients to be happy with their home, and it’s important to us that our good name for quality and service is promoted by word of mouth. Title deeds are assured – as soon as they are available they are transferred to the client, giving complete peace of mind.

Property Rental

There may be occasions when an owner is not in residence for long periods, or has purchased a property for rental income only. In these situations we can arrange short-term or long-term rentals so as to maximize the financial potential of an investment.

After a careful potential-tenant assessment, we will manage the rental and ensure that all utilities and municipal charges are made. Owners can be assured that we will make certain their property is well cared for by a reliable tenant.

Property Management

Livein Properties provides quality property management services for private properties and common areas of projects (houses, villas, complexes and offices). We attend to all aspects of properties management with efficiency in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide you a high quality of service and our priority is to exceed clients expectations by offering professional and holistic property management services, personalised to their individual needs.