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Residence Permit when buying property in Cyprus


Applicants can secure permanent residency in Cyprus through investment in real estate with LiveIn Properties. The programme is one of the fastest and simplest investor visa programmes in Europe. It requires investment of just €300,000 into property to gain the Cyprus residency permit.The residency visa is granted within two months and covers the whole family. It includes parents of both the main applicant and spouse plus dependent children up to the age of 25. It is valid for life and can be passed down to dependents and spouse.
LiveIn Properties offers most optimized portfolio of property types and styles, primarily in Limassol

Benefits of the Cyprus Residence Permit

The property must be brand new
The investment may be made by a company for which the main applicant and spouse are beneficial owners. The investment can be in to a maximum of two properties provided they reach the €300,000 permanent residency limit. The properties purchased must be brand new.
The average time between selecting the investment object and receiving permit is 3 months.
The lowest taxes in the EU
The use of minimal corporate tax in Europe. No taxation of dividends received in Cyprus or in any EU state, no inheritance tax.
Opportunities for holders of Cyprus Residence Permit

The holders of the permit could live in Cyprus as long as they wish.

Permits for the whole family
The permit is issued not only to the investor, but the investor’s entire family.
Climate, ecology, security
Living on an island with a great climate, an English-speaking population, with a wonderful environment. On top of everything else, Cyprus is one of the safest places in the world.

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